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Effective eye care commissioning

 "The commissioning for eye care website is an excellent resource"

Ben Dyson, Director of Policy, Commissioning & Primary Care
Commissioning Development Directorate, Department of Health

Effective eye care and sight loss services are a key component of efficient local health and well-being services. This guide supports clinical commissioning groups through all stages of the eye care commissioning process in a straightforward and comprehensive format:

  • Assessment of current services and working across professional boundaries, employing their clinical expertise and knowledge of the local population
  • Design, specification and commissioning of services to meet need
  • Identification of investment priorities to reduce inequality, improve patient experience and achieve cost savings

A wealth of resources such as key data sources and policy documents essential for the commissioning process are included. The guide should be used in conjunction with detailed clinical pathway guidance, referred to in the appropriate sections, such as those produced by the Royal College of Ophthalmologists and the College of Optometrists.

  • nhs alliance
  • Family Doctor Association
  • napc
  • RCGP